Welcome to Michiana Infosec

Michiana Infosec is a growing community located in South Bend, IN for both security enthusiast and IT professionals alike. Though our in-person meetups are centrally located, your geographic location does not matter!

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, there is always something you can learn or share. This is another MSEC platform focusing on organized discussion, write-ups and casual conversations. Also, feel free to come hang out with us in our Discord Chat. (Discord is the coolest thing since AOL messenger and Tomagotchis!)

Some facts about MSEC

  • We hold monthly meetups (paused due to covid)
  • We partake in monthly CTF games using platforms such as HTB, and THM
  • We are sponsored by Aunalytics
  • We typically provide beer and pizza for our meetings
  • We have a community Github repo for people looking to contribute or share
  • We have a community built Discord bot… It will also track your caffeine intake :typingcat:


  • Network with others professionals in your area
  • Support your local InfoSec community
  • Attend presentations w/ beer!
  • Find other like minded people interested in contributing to projects
  • Employment opportunities with Aunalytics
  • Learn a skillset with someone from the community
  • Share resources! Share your surplus USBs or old text books with other members!
  • And of course… Stickers! :vibecat:

Where do I post on this forum?

Just like communities, new forums could take months or years to get the ball rolling. We currently have 3 locations for you to post. Each category has it’s own About Post that demonstrates what the category is used for with some examples. A quick rundown below:

  1. General – News headlines, Project discussions, Questions, Hardware, Polls, Battlestation photos and just about whatever else you want to share belongs here!

  2. General > Write Ups – Share your research! Tutorials, CTF Box walkthroughs, Development processes, etc.

  3. Site Feedback – Help shine light on anything you feel we can do better to support the community!