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Heres my setup consisting off: :vibecat:

  • Original Van Gogh paintings on the wall
  • XXL Classroom sized whiteboard
  • An original Steinway piano that is sure to make any pianist jealous
  • A basket full of broken pens and markers


  • le dragon
  • 1964 Fender Jaguar (original) if anyone cares
  • AMD on the right, Intel on the left

I’m actually really diggin’ that dragon.

Yeah; solid wood. I had to walk away from it the first time I saw it. Lots of detail in it.

I just saw that picture of the fender on the wall; nice humbucker

Lol gonna have to clean up down here before I post

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:pepega: :pepega: Get the broom and let us see! :pepega: :pepega:

Google Photos

  • Using the occasionaly played games as laptop stand.
  • Whiteboard wall sticker (very convenient)
  • An empty Bulleit Bourbon from last weekend hiding behind the 2.2 gallon water bottle
  • iPad for the stock market ticker. Planning to replace that with a RPi with terminal ticker.

A whiskey man I see! :capcheers:
I need a whiteboard like that. I’m lucky if I can fit a short sentence on mine. :sadge:
I’m diggin the board game touch!

gonna have to be the close up edition I got boxes piled to the celling down here and this is about as far back as I can get lol


Man, your spot even has a sec camera monitor, eh? Looks like you got everything ready to pull some all nighters!